What's The Point ?

There is no point to anything. If there is a god then its obvious this is all one giant drama tv show for his self gratification. For us to presume anything else is just highly wishful thinking (aka faith). Each of us wanders around blind in the dark looking purpose and happiness. We push each other to the ground, crawl over each other, hurt each other in that dark room. Every so often we come across others who we can hold hands with in that dark room...but quite often....with the realization that we're truly alone in the dark regardless...it falls apart. That is the horror of life...the darkness that is behind every wall, every door, hidden in every pretty little flower and in the eyes of those that claim to love us. We can't "light" up the darkness. We try with drugs, religion, hope, love, adventure, philosophy and sex. But its an illusion. Its closing your eyes in the dark room and imagining light. Fact of the matter is 'our' brains have gotten too big for our souls...there is no happiness here. The best I can hope for is putting a bullet between my eyes and then there not being anything after that. For if there is a god...his motives are NOT in our favor. But like every creature....like every person in a relationship that says "you make ME feel good"...its about him and our souls are expendable. Religious fanatics would say "OK...we are here to serve him after all." But in the end...when we've been created for an eternity of suffering and destitute...are we really that obligated? We are god...but even so...we're still trapped in a room and this heaven turned to hell....is our escape from the darkness.


  1. I must say, your thoughts are very well expressed. :)


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