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I have to walk through every day so carefully. Each step placed after the first with trepidity, because, its waiting to happen. I am so scared a ditch is going to open up and I'll fall through, like Alice, only gored and scratched till I'm drained of blood when I reach the bottom.And there I'll lie blue and dying.Waiting for death that never shows its elusive face. And when it does causes so much pain, such a lot of pain, that I run again...only running from your last resort leaves with no place to run to. So I just keep running and running till I faint exhausted and near dead; but Never Dead.
I am so frightened of always shows up before intense mental agony. I am scared of day cause night has to follow and there's no escaping it.
But I am trying.... trying to not think about what is to follow... and only concentrate on the few stolen minutes of peace. To live oblivious in the calm before storm takes over and shreds me into tiny pieces of …

Ive been reading very sprasely and its humiliating really. Mostly Wilde and Shaw.... a little something by Jean Webster, RK Narayan, PG Wodehouse, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and a small helping of Sir Doyle. I have to start some serious reading. This is highly insulting to a literature student.
I propose to read : Charlotte Bronte, Dickens. And a few classics....before I revert to light reading for a while again.
I have taken up a task of reading philosophy lately and I am starting with Nietzsche [Friedrich Nietzsche]. Only, I have this habit of forgetting everything that I read, so, I thought I'd write a summary of everything read. But it is so tedious that either I'll be a very slow reader or will skip the notes making process altogether and go on a guilt trip.
Anyway, wish me luck with it. =)
And, let me recommend Wilde to you....his plays have a of entertaining you while instilling morals and you never even find out. They are quite fun too.
I am listening to moza…