Ive been reading very sprasely and its humiliating really. Mostly Wilde and Shaw.... a little something by Jean Webster, RK Narayan, PG Wodehouse, Jane Austen, Mark Twain and a small helping of Sir Doyle. I have to start some serious reading. This is highly insulting to a literature student.
I propose to read : Charlotte Bronte, Dickens. And a few classics....before I revert to light reading for a while again.
I have taken up a task of reading philosophy lately and I am starting with Nietzsche [Friedrich Nietzsche]. Only, I have this habit of forgetting everything that I read, so, I thought I'd write a summary of everything read. But it is so tedious that either I'll be a very slow reader or will skip the notes making process altogether and go on a guilt trip.
Anyway, wish me luck with it. =)
And, let me recommend Wilde to you....his plays have a of entertaining you while instilling morals and you never even find out. They are quite fun too.
I am listening to mozart right now and guess what? He's awesome ! I've always been one of those people who thought mozart,beethoven and rest were Booooorrriiiinnnngggg and always wondered at people who listened to music like that. And, I just happened to chance upon a couple of symphonies on my ipod [ i dont even know how they got there] and wow! I can not believe Ive been missing out on this. Its transporting, surreal and plain beautiful. Seriously you absolutely Have to give this a try.
Now, I am going to say this and I'll kill you if you poke fun at me.... I really want to learn to play the piano. I really do.


  1. I, for one, don't find classics very intersting (very boring infact). I think I already did suggest you this but anyways, just to remind you, there are lots of contemporary novels, good ones. You should try. The God of Small Things or A Fine Balance can make a good start.


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