I ran into my blog randomly on google and suddenly realised that it existed and all those resolutions made years back flooded my memory. How I'd promised to blog regularly, how I'd created my definition of blogging, stating it a virtual diary writing routine, with nothing excluded on the basis of being too personal...I mean you wouldn't do that to your diary, right?
Confessions :1. re-reading this whole thing, I came across two posts and categorised them under "way too personal" and deleted them.
2.Another realisation alert - All my posts were so morbid. I mean seriously depressing ! but i guess clinical depression is a relevant excuse. Anyway, for everyone who reads my blog [ i understand there's not much of it.], Ive got some major news..... I AM CURED. No more depression, blues and lows. I feel like a new person. So very fresh and happy and complete and happy and light and happy and just....normal. Wow, this is truly awesome ! Yayyyy Me. =D.
I'll post again. Ive got to go back to this book I'm reading.... 'A Fine Balance'-Rohinton Mistry [ happy, Anusha ? :) ]. I don't really like it yet far, I'm beginning to be wary of contemporary Indian writing...its beginning to disgust me with all the filthy detailings and obscene metaphors, though I'll admit that some of them do have engaging storylines.... anyway, I'll get back to mrs.rustom dalal's post independence real world problems for now.
cheerio. :)


  1. hey gal nice blog!!!!!!!!I HHHHHOOOPPPEEEEEEE u never get depressed again.............

  2. Hey, I was almost jumping at the thought that A Fine Balance cured you. :D I hope you didn't mean "filthy detail and obscene metaphors" with respect to Rohinton. And I'd like to know which books exactly got you to appreciate contemporary Indian writing the way you do (except for Rohinton's ofcourse).


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