Another Waiting Room

I am making this post because it feels mean to only blog about the bad experiences and leave out the good ones. I picked another doctor today and took an appointment at her clinic for 1830. I got there at 1800, played with this really sweet , little girl who was sitting next to me for half an hour. This waiting room had fans , coolers, ACs, everything. I had walked in feeling dizzy and nauseous and in a really foul mood (the things summer heat does to you, 46 degrees) . After I had cooled off a little, I was ushered in to meet the doctor, an elderly woman with a sweet smile, and a patient hand. I poured forth all my agonies to her. Told her about everything from the little finger nail that hurt to maiming migraines. And , surprise, surprise -- she actually understood. She heard me out, explained why I was feeling the way I was feeling, described what lifestyle changes needed to be made, wrote a prescription for stemming the crippling pain, told me that the pills would make me feel human again, while some stretches she demonstrated would keep the demons from re-visiting. I fell in love. We exchanged our personal cell numbers, and she said she would call to keep a check on her little-girl patient. And before I could take offence, she explained that I was child-like and really quite sweet with a pretty good suffering threshold, and that I would be taken care of, and fixed. DEAR LORD, PLEASE BLESS THIS WOMAN. I came home in a better mood than I have been in days. The difference a kind, old woman, an understanding doctor can make to your life is supremely under-rated. Loads of love to my lovely, new doctor. Mwah.


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