Homeopathy and My Dad

My dad is a Homeopathician. I don't mean he has a BHMS. Actually, you didn't need a degree to be a Homeopathician when it had intially started out. So, my dad doesn't have a degree in it, but I'll bet my bottom paisa that he knows more about Homeo meds than all the kids graduating in it in these days.
Since I was six months old, he has been treating me with these meds. We never went to doctors, not even for stuff like jaundice, and typhoid. My dad treated us - I, my brother, my mum, my uncles, my aunts, my cousins. And, We never went to a homeo doctor, it's always been my dad who dispensed the meds.
He gets all the medicine from this place in Calcutta , puts them into sugar pills and puts them into those little,glass bottles, and we use them. Of course, he also buys the ready-made , little bottles (drams, they are measured in) from Zorastrian,Mumbai and, Ramakrishna,Hyderabad.

Now, I'm a pill-popper. I have a very low suffering threshold, and I need my quick-treating Allo meds -- painkillers, antibiotics, nausea-pills,sleep-pills -- anything, and everything. I need to be rid of pain ASAP, or I sail out into a horrible part of hell and sob there till i pass out.
So, it was paradoxical for me, growing up in my family with my dad as my dad.
I know all the basic Homeo meds for all the basic ailments in life, and and I can treat most people around me with it quite effectively.

I strongly believe that Homeopathy is an excellent branch of alternate medicine, and honestly, works much, much better than Allopathic medicine, in the long run. So, now that we are clear on this, let me tell you what my newest phobia is.

We all know that Allopathy pills have side effects, but these are neatly complied into a list on the back of the carton. Or, you could just Google the name of the pill and come up with a page of its side-effects. And, most doctors will be capable of recognising and treating these drug reactions. Homeopathy, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Nobody really knows what the side-effects of a medicine are, and nobody knows if it is actually the medicine causing the reaction, and, nobody quite knows what to do about it. And, the side-effects are bizzare. I have had several weird things happen to me -- insane depression (and I mean insane,psychotic) , blowing up to the size of an elephant (water retention or something) , pain (random back,stomach,head pain) , sleeplessness (a medicine for cold due to exposure to water makes you incapable of sleeping for 2 days) ... and, a bunch of other stuff. And, we don't know what do about these things. When they happen to me, you will find me feverishly rifling through Boerick's Materia Medica , trying to find an anti-dote, and reading up on its 'known' side-effects.
If, however, you don't belong to my family, and have gone to a registered Homeopathy doctor, he will not tell you what medicine he/she's given you. And you can't look for the anti-dote for medicine-X, and the doctor will NEVER admit that it's his medicine that's opened the doors of hell for you.

So, now, I'm very, very scared of putting those little, round, sweet balls in my mouth. I check and re-check everything that my dad makes me take, and spit it out half the time.
So, my dad has taken to nudging my mouth open when I'm dead asleep and putting the medicine in it. I can't wait to have the bolt fixed, so I can lock my room and go to sleep and not worry about my Hanneman-fied dad and his deep rooted commitment to homeopathy and over concern for his stupid daughter's health.


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