The Waiting Room

I spent the entire day, yesterday, sitting in a doctor's waiting room. I had an appointment for 14.30 , and I was there from 1400 to 1700, and her highness was still too busy to attend to her punctual patients. I tried to find out what was keeping her, but the head nurse just kept telling me that she was tied up with patients, earlier appointments,lunch,phone consultations,visiting relatives and she would see me in 15 minutes ( and I thought my math was bad). This waiting room did not have a fan because a fan is not fancy enough for their uber classy clinic. They had two air conditioners ( Bluestar, the nurse thought it pertinent to point out when I complained about the heat), neither of which was working. So, here we were , about 60 people cooped up in a hall with no air at 45 degrees. I had dragged myself to the doctor for a pain problem, and I was forced to pop half a dozen painkillers 10 feet from the doctor to keep from screaming out in agony. I'm sure there were a lot of people like me, going through the same thing, and I don't even want to mention the poor little children who had to wait in that godforsaken oven. After spending 3 hours in hell's waiting room, I left. I didn't have it in me to wait another two hours to see the haloed doctor. I came home (40 mins in the heat) , and fell into bed without undressing and slept like a baby. A baby in pain but a baby nonetheless. Considering, I had been unable to sleep cause of the pain for almost a week, this was a major achievement. I have adopted 'positive thinking' ( people tell me it's going to change my life and turn me into a happy bunny) , so here's my PT take on this. Maybe this was the doctor's plan all along , to make me appreciate how much worse the pain can actually get, and that after a point,I'll just pass out of tiredness and that will grant me a natural respite from pain. Maybe I should take to flogging myself ten times a day in a steam room, so that every other pain and illness feels like a sweet tickle, and I start appreciating how small my pain issues are. Kudos to my wise healer.


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