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Generation Y

The highest amount of drama is created by people between the ages of 18 and 22. I'm 24 now and I suddenly feel displaced and dethroned. I was so caught up in my theatrical life , riding on a wave of high-drama and emotional excesses that I didn't realise I was about to be thrown off, that the kids of yesterday were right behind me , waiting to shove me down, step on my back, and ride high on what had been my wave.

It took a long time to see that I was no longer in the 'it' generation, the 'in' generation. That, I and my friends and my cousins, and everyone my age had been deposited on an obscure island. Here we sit, staring through our big, disillusioned eyes, at the 'kids' ---  younger siblings, riff-raff from our housing societies, baby-cousins. This is a whole different generation, a generation we had always looked down upon, a generation we elbowed aside, a generation we read stories to, a generation we gave rides on our bikes to, a generation who …