Generation Y

The highest amount of drama is created by people between the ages of 18 and 22. I'm 24 now and I suddenly feel displaced and dethroned. I was so caught up in my theatrical life , riding on a wave of high-drama and emotional excesses that I didn't realise I was about to be thrown off, that the kids of yesterday were right behind me , waiting to shove me down, step on my back, and ride high on what had been my wave.

It took a long time to see that I was no longer in the 'it' generation, the 'in' generation. That, I and my friends and my cousins, and everyone my age had been deposited on an obscure island. Here we sit, staring through our big, disillusioned eyes, at the 'kids' ---  younger siblings, riff-raff from our housing societies, baby-cousins. This is a whole different generation, a generation we had always looked down upon, a generation we elbowed aside, a generation we read stories to, a generation we gave rides on our bikes to, a generation who lived in constant envy and awe of our superiority--- a generation that hadn't mattered--- lives that were boring. Now, suddenly these kids have taken over. Their clothes, their games, their schools/colleges, their relationships are all that exist right now, are all that matter. My generation sits cobwebbed, licking its wounds and watching, hoping to crash their party.

Most of us have hit our quarter-life-crisis. We are dealing with issues we are too young and confused to make sense of . Job choices, spouse choices, research choices, lifestyle choices are only some of the demons that harass us. We don't have the time to get drunk and make viral videos, we have been thrown into real life, we need to get real to deal with these real things that belong in a real world. It's all too real.

Each of us think that everyone else has got it together, has it better than us, has somehow managed to make it work. Each one thinks he/she is the loser. Each one is nostalgic of their drama-days. It had hurt, it had terrified us, it even came near to breaking some of us but, it was like being on a drug. We were high through all the pain and nightmares. None of it had actually mattered, none of it was actually real.
These kids who are running the 'it generation' now disgust us old-timers.

Dear Jackasses,
You are living in a dream-world. You don't matter. Your drama doesn't matter. Your 'life' doesn't matter.


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