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THE GOOD GIRL (Short Story)

There was once a girl .She was diagnosed with cancer. She had been a sunny girl with a head full of hazel hair. She went to school and  worked hard on her lessons. She wanted to be a scientist when she grew up. Her parents had bought her a Junior Chemistry set for her sixth birthday. She played with it every day after school and made a lot of bangs and booms and plumes of colourful smoke. Her mother smiled to herself and felt very proud of her clever daughter. When she turned seventeen, she caught a cold and went about the house coughing and coughing, till her parents coerced her to see a doctor. The doctor listened to her heart, pressed her wrist and drew her blood.
And one clear,Wednesday morning called them into his office and annouced that that the girl had throat cancer , and would live no more than four months.The family went home in shock and dismay. The girl climbed up the stairs to her room and sat down on her fluffy bed with her lesson books strewn on them. She looked about i…

A MUDDY LESSON (Short Story - for children)

PublicFriendsFriends except acquaintancesOnly MeCustomClose FriendsState Bank of IndiaSee all lists...Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh AreaCambridge University PressNaval Public SchoolUniversity of HyderabadHyderabad Central UniversityVisakha Valley SchoolAcquaintancesGo Back  Phora the elephant walked slowly down the road . R-U-M-B-L-E R-U-M-B-L-E , he went. " Helloooo Mr.Carpenter! How are you ?""Fine fine Phorie. Good to see you. Where are you going? "" I'm off to Mr.Tailor's . He will have a banana for me. He always does." Phora replied with a smile on her round, grey face.Mr. Tailor was a thin, tall man. He wore black pants and a green coat on all days. He collected clothes from every house in the town, and stiched little frocks and knickers and shirts and suits for children.He collected little pieces of the leftover material, and was stitching them all together to make a great , multi coloured coat for Phora. He loved Phora. He always kept a banana…