People travel
up then down
swarming in over crowded planes
glass beads, tie-dye tees
pampers and rice crispies
landing in hyderabad, India
temperature 25° centigrade
people wonder if that's 75 in normal grade
a child cries out
because Kinley is out Indian water, oh choleric fate.
People straining their necks from the aerobridge
surely a swaying Cobra, a fleeting bengal tiger
should them in sweet thrill freeze
India of babas and snake charmers
Entertainers and beggars
stunned and red they stood
a mistake a mistake!
detoured to Heathrow?
to JFK?
Rajiv gandhi? Gandhi?
the naked, starving man?!
Dreams of wildebeasts and beastly men shattered.
They sail down escalators.
glassy eyes and slackened shoulders and disappointed souls.
Sorry, my good fellows
We tried to be poor and degenerate
believe me, our leaders' efforts were great.
But we resiliently rose up and developed
East turned west
east disappointed west
Now, they have nowhere to run away to
no magic, mystic land
Cultureless we drown
colourless they down.


  1. So now you understand why we Celebrate festivals like.... "Sankranthi" for instance? "Colourless" they MIGHT be down, but "Cultureless" we DON'T want to drown...

    1. That was the whole point of the poem, that we have gotten rid of all that tomfoolery and moved on. To keep harassing people in the name of 'culture' and passing it down is completely retarded and annoying.


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