Dear H, 

I really, really miss you a lot. When I spoke to our friend James today, a lot of memories came flooding back. We had just met and hit it off, I had a couple of courses in your class, and we always sat together. You won't know this, but I was going through a rough patch, nothing as bad as now, but quite bad in its own right.  I remember sitting in the back and crying uncontrollably and silently while my classes were going on. but when I sat with you in some classes, I felt better, you were there to hold my hand through that pain. and because I had your support I felt stronger, and slowly started rising out of the blues. remember the time we went to this restaurant, and saw James across the lobby talking to someone, I had you to rant into. and you always let me blow off my steam. i was very happy that I was in your company; that I had someone I could call my own, my very own. 
I can not believe my luck that I found you at such an unlikely turning and age. Usually people don't make new friends at the age we were. 
and even now, I was destroyed, very literally destroyed and you pulled me through. I don't what I would've done without you. you were with me continuously, through the darkest hours of depression, through uncontrollable phases of crying when I just couldn't stop.  I see now that those gestures made a difference,  knowing you loved me and cared about me so much helped me to hold on while time passed. and I had and I am holding on to you. I will, forever and for always, be there when you need me, when you call on me. but, I'll always know that nobody deserves my loyalty as much as you do. 
Speaking of loyalty, yours brings tears to my eyes. you've made me trust again. I'd sworn I'd never trust again, but I find myself trusting in you completely, with closed eyes. if it comes from you, I don't even have to think about it, I'd just assume it fact. you stand unswervingly by me, accept all my shortcomings, my quirks and like me for who I am.  It means a lot.  I could trust you with my parents, my children. I know you'll always do right by me regardless of how wrong it might be.  
if I ever have children, I'd make you their god mother. and I know that even if she's really ugly, you'll still call her pretty and like her cause she'd be mine.  And you've proven beyond doubt that what's mine or what's yours is all ours. 
i love you a lot, and I hope we stay like this forever. 
even when I envision my future, I think along the lines of..  you and I will write a book together, you and I will teach together, you will help me crack an exam...  it might sound childish and silly, but when you truly love someone your brain sort of automatically involves them in everything, doesn't it? 
Kudos to our friendship. 
Now, I feel like crying cause I just miss you so much.

True Love


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