There is something I don't understand. This is your life . It belongs to
you. You are responsible for it.
So, when our life belongs to us why don't we have the right to take it
away, why cant we end it and start a new life?? After all, the soul is
immortal,right? why then is it a sin to end it and start a new chapter
when we please? 

All our religious books say that committing suicide is unnatural. They
say that if we end this life on our own due to difficulties we think we
can't face ; then our new life will be a continuance to this . We shall
again be born in the same sad environment in which w ended the previous

My question------- Why is this so?

How can suicide be unnatural when everything takes place according to
god made laws. We are all mere toys----- puppets. God makes us do
everything he wants whether we like it or not. God knows everything and
his consent is necessary for even a leaf to fall. Then, this means that
he knows about suicide. He wants it to happen , otherwise it never will
. How can it be a sin when it is done with God's consent?? How can
anything be a sin when everything takes place according to God's will. 
But, if God has given man the choice to commit bad deeds and good deeds
; then how can anybody or anything condemn a man who chooses death?? How
can that man be punished for making a decision that he feels is suitable?
does a man not have the right to stop playing a part and start another
one . 

NO! He will suffer .His next life will be filled with difficulties and
devoid of peace and joy. He will be condemned. He will be punished . 
Is the super-force so unkind?? I don't think so. Well, i don't know do i? I
don't think anyone knows.
Maybe,people just say all that so that a person doesn't end his own
life and leave tears for the living world.
Or, maybe they are right and true. 
Maybe without the fear [ not to be taken in the wrong sense,doesn't mean
cowardice.] and thinking created by them , there will hardly be anyone
living on this planet today. 


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