Long ago in the kingdom of Fair Meadow , the queen of flowers lived in a beautiful palace filled with glittering butterflies and little fairies. They rested in Queen Rose's kingdom. They played and sang and danced. They zoomed in and out of rainbows, and sometimes, fell into warm slumbers in warm , fluffy clouds.Queen Rose was very happy to have these happy, little fairies living in her kingdom. The fairies kept order in the meadow, and everybody lived happily and peacefully. One summer, the fairies decided to take a holiday. All of them went to Blue Rain Forest to visit the pixies. This was when the trouble started.One day, Miss. Yellow Daisy went to the queen. She seemed to be in a foul mood. She bowed and said, " My dear queen, I can not tolerate it anymore. Tiny Tom Mouse broke into the glade again last night, tore the baby blossoms out and scattered them all over the ground." Miss. Yellow Daisy was quivering with rage. " The baby blossoms wre too young, and couldn't fly into the clouds after they fell from the plants. They just gave sad sighs and withered away into dust. It was heartbreaking, your majesty, so heartbreaking to see the poor mites disappear like that!" " And will you believe it, your majesty? Tiny Tom felt no remorse. He just stood there and laughed at the poor crying flowers." " He is a wicked, wicked creature, and you as our queen must do something to punish him."Queen Red Rose heard this and was very upset. The baby blossoms were her kingdom's youngest members, and the story of their cruel destruction brought tears to her eyes.Yes, something had to be done about Tiny Tim. He lived with his family in the Beech tree across the flower-field. All his brothers and sisters rushed to the wheat fields early in the morning, and returned laden with grains in the evening. They were hardworking, and never troubled anyone. But Tiny Tim was different. He never worked. He was rude to his brothers. he teased his sisters. He wasted all his time running around the meadow, being naughty. He pulled the tails of little bunnies, snapped his teeth at the baby birds and scared them. He stole sugar that the little ants had painstakingly gathering, and ate all their sugar. He ran behind all the small creatures on the , pushed and pulled at them till they fled in fear, or cried out in pain.Tiny Tim was a very naughty fellow indeed.Queen Red Rose mulled over his escapade in her kingdom, and called a royal meeting of all the kings and queens residing in the meadow.She sent out the message that everyone should gather near the lake that very night when the moon reached the topmost branch of the big Banyan tree.That evening Tom went home as usual, ate till his stomach was full, snuggled into his soft bed in the middle of the warm burrow. He was fast asleep and snoring in a few minutes.

Queen Red Rose stood on top of her stem, and held the conference. Everyone was attending -- The Bunny King, The Bee Queen, The Ant Queen, The Sparrow King, The Robin King, The Butterfly Queen-- and all the others -- ." We have to teach Tiny Tom Mouse a lesson. He creates trouble for all of us and scares our young. We can not tolerate him any more."" Yes, yes, something must be done ... ""We must punish him and make him change his ways.""But, how? " , piped up the Ant Queen."Does anybody have any ideas? " , Queen Red Rose asked." I do! " , said a voice loudly.It was the Tabby Cat." Oh, hello Mr.Cat! What are you doing here? " , asked Queen Red Rose, in surprise.

Tabby Cat lived off the meadow. He lived with a farmer's family in their house. Although, he knew all the inhabitants of the meadow , he rarely came to meet him. He wasn't very friendly with anyone. He was busy with his life with his humans. So, everyone was quite surprised to see him at the meeting." I heard about your meeting and came to attend it. Tiny Tim has been causing trouble at my house too.He steals butter, and nuts regularly. And,just last week, he chewed through the arm of the farmer's daughter's doll. The littlegirl won't stop crying. Poor child is very upset.Tiny Tim Mouse is getting naughtier and naughtier.We have to stop him before he gets completely out of hand."

"We agree with you Mr.Cat, but we don't know how ." , said Queen Red Rose.

"I have a plan! Gather around everyone , and listen to me properly."Tabby Cat explained his plan, and all the kings and queens listened. Then, all the kings and queens nodded and smiled.The next day , the plan was put into action.Tiny Tom Mouse came into the flower field and rubbed his hands with cruel glee. He started to bend the small flowers and pulled off their petals. Suddenly, he saw that he was being surrounded by long stalks of roses. They bent down and scratched him with their thrones.Yelling with pain, Tiny Tom Mouse ran away. His body was filled with painful scratches. Next, he went to the Ant holes. He was in pain, and he wanted to eat sweet sugar to make himself feel better. He shoved a few ants, and took a big mouthful of the white grains from their food pile. But, instead of sweetness, his mouth was filled with a different taste. It brought tears to his eyes.The ants had cleverly replaced some of the sugar in the front piles with salt. And Tiny Tom had got a mouthful of salt.Crying in rage, he ran to the meadow. Suddenly, he saw four butterflies rushing towards him. They flew very close to him, and when he lifted his paw to hit them, they flew close to the ground and flapped dust into his eyes. He howled with pain, and limped into a bush for cover. But, as soon as he entered the bush, he felt very sharp pokes. The bees were stinging him.Tiny Tom Mouse was very scared. He quickly dragged himself home ,and stayed there for the rest of the day.The next morning, Tiny Tom Mouse woke up and saw himself covered, all over, in bruises and scratches. He rolled out of bed in pain, and stood in front of his parents' room. He started banging on their door. "Wake up!" , he yelled.Mrs.Mouse came out and saw her lazy son looking upset and angry."What's the matter,dear? Did you get into a fight with your cousins again?""No mamma. I was taking a walk through the meadow, and the cruel animals and plants attacked me. They.They are mean and wicked."Now, Mrs.Mouse knew that her son was a very naughty trouble-maker. She knew that the gentle creatures of the Fair Meadow wouldn't attack a little mouse without reason."Hmm. Tiny Tom, I wish you would stop being naughty, and stop troubling our neighbours. They might punish you more if you make them angrier."Tiny Tom Mouse got angry at these words." It wasn't my fault, Mamma. I didn't do anything" , he lied, and stomped back to his room." I won't go to the meadow today. I will go to the farmhouse, and steal goodies from the farmer's kitchen. He has plenty of tasty dishes. I can take what I want and run away before he spots me." , Tiny Tom thought.And, so, he took off , and hurried over to the farmhouse.Tabby Cat was waiting for him to come. He was sitting near the little mouse-hole, and watching patiently. When Tiny Tom Mouse rushed in, Tabby Cat quietly got up and went into the kitchen. He was holding a hard stone in his mouth. He walked to the cupboard where the food was stored. He picked up a big block of cheese (Tiny Tom's favourite), and pushed the stone into the middle of the cheese slab. Then, he tiptoed his way to behind the door, and waited.Soon, Tiny Tom Mouse looked around carefully to see if the farmer's family were in the room. He saw that the room was empty.So, he rushed into the food cupboard. He sniffed cheese, his favourite. He crawled to the block of cheese, and greedily and forcefully sunk his teeth into the cheese. As soon as he did this, his teeth struck the stone hard, and three of them fell out.Howling with agony,Tom Mouse jumped back. His gums were bleeding from the injury. the pain was so bad, it made him cry.he tucked his tail between his legs and ran out of the kitchen. He ran straight into Mr.Tabby Cat, who was sitting near the main door of the house. Mr.Cat picked him up by his tail and growled.Tiny Tom Mouse was shocked. He was sure that Mr.Cat was going to eat him. But, Tabby Cat only raised his head and laughed."Well,well, Tom Mouse. I hope you have learned your lesson. You have been cruel and insensitive and very,very naughty.Now,you have been punished by all of us. You are scratched everywhere, you have broken teeth, the bees have stung you hard, and you were almost blinded by the soil kicked into your eyes!You must change your behavior Tiny Tom Mouse, or you will suffer more. And, if I ever catch you troubling little flowers,animals,or, children, I will make sure that your tail is chopped off and you are locked in your room for a month without any food."" Now, be careful, and learn to be kind to all your neighbors. I will come and check in a week. Make sure i don't hear any complaints." , said Mr.Tabby Cat to Tom Mouse.Tom Mouse was in great pain, and when he heard Mr.Tabby Cat talk about all his naughty deeds, he realised how cruel he had been to all the poor flowers and animals. He felt ashamed of himself.He hung his head and apologised to Tabby Cat in a small voice.Tabby Cat put him and told him to go home and rest.Tiny tom Mouse slowly walked home.After that day, Tiny Tom Mouse changed completely. He turned into a nice,kind mouse. He never troubled anyone again. He became hardworking and helpful. All the creatures of the meadow were happy and loved him. Mr.Tabby Cat never had to punish him for anything, ever.
Tiny Tom Mouse grew up into a very gentle, wise rat, and became known as Mr.Good-Fellow Rat.


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