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 So I skipped my dinner last night, and spent the whole time writing assignments. I had some distant ambitions about kicking the sleep-aids (lavender oil, Marshmallow powder and Chamomile tea) , and getting back to un-drugged sleep, to let my body take back control of my activities and rests, like it is supposed to. A far-fetched hope, but something I strongly willed on working upon.
I had forgotten what my luck had been upto recently.
 It's 5.30 in the morning now. 
Sometime in the night, I was casually reading up on the number '13' , and why it's unlucky and  all the legends and theories around it. I was planning on writing a proper, informative, skeptical blog about it, to entertain you a little . Yes, I'm a big planner . 
Anyway, I read on and on and on, and turns out almost every major religious sect in the world, ancient and otherwise, considers 13 to be an anathema. And now, my ever gullible brain has taken it upon itself to believe in this whole thing- this thi…


Hormones are horrid. I don't know if all this pain and madness we go through is worth it.
Our parents love us but what have we ever given them.  I'll talk about myself.  I was cute for around 3 years, since then I've always irritated them. I've made them miserable. I've put so much pain in their lives it's not even amusing. Is this what they suffered for?  Is this what I am suffering for??  To have miserable children by an unknown, unloved man who will make my life hell. And oh, the suffering. It is so bad. I turn into Mr. Hyde, and you remember how painful that was for the poor, mild doctor. That's what these bloody hormones do to me.
I love children, anyway wanted some, had big plans till a few months back. Now what do I have?  All this pain, and nothing to look forward to.  Should I get a hysterectomy?  Now?  Patience has never been my strong suit, and this bloody monster makes it so much worse.
I don't know what to do.  I don't know if.