Hormones are horrid. I don't know if all this pain and madness we go through is worth it.
Our parents love us but what have we ever given them.  I'll talk about myself.  I was cute for around 3 years, since then I've always irritated them. I've made them miserable. I've put so much pain in their lives it's not even amusing. Is this what they suffered for?  Is this what I am suffering for??  To have miserable children by an unknown, unloved man who will make my life hell. And oh, the suffering. It is so bad. I turn into Mr. Hyde, and you remember how painful that was for the poor, mild doctor. That's what these bloody hormones do to me.

I love children, anyway wanted some, had big plans till a few months back. Now what do I have?  All this pain, and nothing to look forward to.  Should I get a hysterectomy?  Now? 

Patience has never been my strong suit, and this bloody monster makes it so much worse.
I don't know what to do.  I don't know if.
Aagghhh, it's so painful and frustrating! The transformation is so terrifying and horrible.  And the person who emerges. 

She kills relationships, she cuts people to the soul, she yells and screams at people trying to help, she is enraged at people just breathing in her room. She is Mr. Hyde in the fullest sense of his being.  Pure evil. And it burns through my nerves, this evil... surging... changing me.


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