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I'm not endorsing any one body size. Everyone is beautiful, small or big. But this 'mermaid or whale' line got to me.
And media has been shamelessly promoting the thin image for years now.

Yes, there's a movement now which is going to the other extreme, calling thick girls real, and automatically assuming that the thin are just plastic dolls with eating disorders, which, I think they fail to understand, is equally cruel.

But, far as my personal experience is concerned, I've seen the society make the thick girls cry far more than the thin ones.
I put on 20 kilos after an accident and I can clearly sense the way people have changed towards me. The change in their behavior hurts sometimes.
I get told by random acquaintances at least 7 times a day to play tennis, join a gym, go swimming, eat only raw fruits and vegetables. I get the " Aww, you poor thing, you used to be so beauti…


Today is Ambedkar Jayanti ,and in keeping with reading at least one article about every person's day , this is the one I pick.
I , personally, have a distaste for Arundhati Roy's style of writing, I think she chooses to complicate statements that could be expressed in far simpler terms, and has a way of going on about one thing for 20 pages. Personal opinion. That being said, this is quite an interesting paper.
It compares the ideologies of Ambedkar and Gandhi, and glorifies Ambedkar , in a certain sense.
Now, I won't pretend to have read the whole thing, and I don't expect any of you to read it through to the end.
But, it does make some interesting points.
We have statues of Ambedkar, all over the country. I don't think there's a single town that doesn't boast of a bronze, or stone man marching ahead , with a book in his hand. He is supposed to be marching ahead, leading India into a civilized , lawful nation, and the book in his hand is the 'Constitu…


Here we go, the long promised '13' post. So, let's get started.

The 'Unlucky 13' is basically a Western construct. But with globalization and formation of international communities, the superstition has superseded boundaries, and is now being quite keenly observed here in the East as well. This fear of the number 13 is called  Triskaidekaphobia
The specific fear of Friday the 13th, is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia
So, now although we all scream about how unlucky the number 13 is, and are super scared of it , a lot of us don't even know why it's considered evil and unlucky. In fact, I bet a lot of today's west doesn't know about the origins of this fear either.

So, here are ten rationally irrational reasons why :

1.  Hammurabi Legal Documents

This is one of the earliest myths surrounding the number 13. The 13th law was dropped, and the paper goes directly from the 12th to the 14th law . This led people to believe that the ancients had a strong rea…