I'm not endorsing any one body size. Everyone is beautiful, small or big. But this 'mermaid or whale' line got to me.
And media has been shamelessly promoting the thin image for years now.

Yes, there's a movement now which is going to the other extreme, calling thick girls real, and automatically assuming that the thin are just plastic dolls with eating disorders, which, I think they fail to understand, is equally cruel.

But, far as my personal experience is concerned, I've seen the society make the thick girls cry far more than the thin ones.
I put on 20 kilos after an accident and I can clearly sense the way people have changed towards me. The change in their behavior hurts sometimes.

I get told by random acquaintances at least 7 times a day to play tennis, join a gym, go swimming, eat only raw fruits and vegetables. I get the " Aww, you poor thing, you used to be so beautiful. What happened?? " " I am sorry. Fate can be so cruel." lines.

I would dearly love to club them over the head with something, cause although I do want to lose weight (and tbh, I'd very much like to go back to my old body.) , I don't have as much of a problem with my weight as these people seem to do. I'm not super happy, but I'm okay. I don't think I need to kill myself over this.
Now, when people ask I don't bother with telling them about the accident, I just say I wanted to try this look.
Again, to be honest, I loved my old body, I still do. But that's my personal preference. Society should zip it about individual weights.


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  2. whoever tells you to go gymming tell them to go fuck themselves!
    people are such jerks..

    1. Hehee... Will do ;) ... But it's generally old uncles and aunties... Dunno if they understand eff... rofl.. it'll be fun though :D


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