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I'm going to rant about my phobia here for a while. I'm very, very wary of Tuesday. Since the day i could understand language, my dad has been repeatedly telling me , drilling it into my skull that Tuesday, the day is Bogeyman. That if wear a new frock on a Tuesday, it will be torn to pieces ; I buy a new book, I'll lose it ; I start taking dance classes , I'll fail ; I get out of bed, I'll die, okay this was a little exaggerated but you get the point.

Having been brain-washed since I was 3, this fear is something so deeply embedded in my head, that I still haven't gotten over it. In fact, it's a standing joke with my friends that V isn't going to make any plans today, cause it's Tuesday. People don't even extend Tuesday invitations to me any more. And no matter how hard I try, I just can not shake it off.

Recently, I reached a tipping pint. I was deeply upset by this suffocating superstition , this crippling helplessness I felt for 24 hours , …