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Ataturk Airport Suicide Bombings: Blasts that Might Blow the Past into the Present

This is what I woke up to. This is what half the world is waking up to. 2 minutes of silence, I don't know the theory behind it, but it seems appropriate. I'm sorry my fellow humans, I am so sorry. 

Wow nobody cares huh... Let's face it, if this had been Paris, London, New York, Chicago, freaking Alabama, and gee, even Maine, I'll bet my bottom dollar that all our timelines would've been flooded with outrage, sadness, lit candles, cries for peace, cries for war, prayers, and tears... Death and damnation everywhere.
They have actual full footage! That horror would've been plastered in front of our eyes for at least a week.
I'd heard about this phenomenon of cruel detachment, never really saw it happen. But oh my God, I see it now, and it's beyond disgusting. 
Unless it's America, or its Western allies, the rest of the world can literally go to hell, and nobody is going to care.
Not one single social network post, not one status update, not one comment, no…

No NSG for Narendra

The Pokhran test was a bomb, I can tell you now.... An explosion is an explosion, a gun is a gun, whether you shoot at someone or shoot at the ground.... I just want to make clear that the test was not all that peaceful. — Raja Ramanna 1997, giving interview to Press Trust of India in 1997 You didn't sign the NPT. You still haven't signed the NPT. You used Canadian civilian nuclear plutonium (given in good faith) to manufacture bombs of mass destruction. You were the reason NSG came into being in the first place.
Why, oh why do you think you are eligible to be included as a member of NSG. Sign the non proliferation treaty, and then we can think about it. Trust has to be earned.
I understand that China is being a pain because Indo-Chinese relations have always been strained, and they support your nemesis Pakistan. I don't think China is keeping you out for the right reasons. But intent apart, you need to be kept out. You are not yet to be trusted with something this horrify…

Deafening Decibels

"If Muslims have the right to give Azaan, Non-Muslims have the right to sleep peacefully."  -  Saeed Khan.  You have the right to your rights as long as it doesn't interfere with my right to have rights. 

India is a secular country. I'm a very tolerant agnostic person. I've nothing against anybody's religion. And I complain against loud Hindu festivities as well, so don't get on my nerves about anti Islam sentiments. Secular country. Everyone isn't a Muslim. It's your holy month, good for you. You are rich enough to buy loud speakers, good for you. You are devout and pious, extremely good for you. Just please leave me out of it.  
I don't keep well in this weather, and it leads to high pulse rate, blood pressure aided by dehydration. I don't want you screeching away 10 times a day. I've 3 mosques around my building, and sometimes when I'm already suffering from painful heart palpitations, I need you to do what Allah told you…

The Sickening Second Amendment

"HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS GET GUNS???", a friend asked.

The second amendment, and the gun loophole.
There are no background checks. Anyone can get them. You have a mental illness history, a violent history, a criminal background and you can still buy a gun.
The most recent bill in Congress about NRA and gun regulation was shut down. The gun industry fuels everything, it's one of the richest and most unscrupulous industries out there. 
Yes, people can get guns illegally. But it's more difficult and time taking and usually psychologically disturbed people don't have enough patience to go through it. 
And I can't believe I have to reveal something so personal to make people listen. 
My best friend used to be a cutter. Anything can serve as a sharp edge to cut yourself with, but the more easily accessible blades, knives are, the more cuts there would be. 
I'm so extremely tired of trying to tell people that guns don't kill on their own, but they are designed pur…