Ataturk Airport Suicide Bombings: Blasts that Might Blow the Past into the Present

This is what I woke up to. This is what half the world is waking up to. 2 minutes of silence, I don't know the theory behind it, but it seems appropriate. I'm sorry my fellow humans, I am so sorry. 

Wow nobody cares huh... Let's face it, if this had been Paris, London, New York, Chicago, freaking Alabama, and gee, even Maine, I'll bet my bottom dollar that all our timelines would've been flooded with outrage, sadness, lit candles, cries for peace, cries for war, prayers, and tears... Death and damnation everywhere.
They have actual full footage! That horror would've been plastered in front of our eyes for at least a week.
I'd heard about this phenomenon of cruel detachment, never really saw it happen. But oh my God, I see it now, and it's beyond disgusting. 

Unless it's America, or its Western allies, the rest of the world can literally go to hell, and nobody is going to care.
Not one single social network post, not one status update, not one comment, no one is flashing the colours of Turkey. I don't hear Obama expressing his condolences (I'm still hoping for that one), Facebook hasn't offered to color my display picture Turkish. 
                                                          I'm going to wait and see what colors Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building flash tonight. 

Ataturk is one of the busiest airports in the world, especially in terms of international traffic. The suicide bombers detonated in the departures hall. Do you know who 'international passengers' in Istanbul are?! You and I!! Good lord, the ignorance and the de-humanisation and the blind hatred. 

BBC numbers so far,-- the same as Pulse and counting, they aren't done yet. And about 150 severely injured, still counting too.
I don't understand. What the hell is wrong with people?
How do you expect them (liberal, moderate Muslims, who aren't crazy) to care and help when this is how you treat them?

Yes, I understand Facebook isn't going to change or help a damn thing. But it's about the expression of empathy,solidarity, and support.
        Human lives were lost today. Families destroyed, children maimed for life. All these people were standing in queue, excited about going some place, maybe for a vacation. These were people looking forward to an adventurous, happy future. Maybe they
were going home, looking forward to meeting their family, and loved ones. How many of us remember how we felt all those times we stood waiting in the Departures terminal of an Airport. All of those feelings. All those people. Dead. 
                                                  And by this action, well, lack thereof, you are failing humanity. Seriously, what is going on in your head? When did you lose your human side?

Turkey is pre-dominantly Muslim. 97.8% Islamic. Most of the people who died and are critically and severely injured in those attacks are possibly Muslim (we don't have numbers yet) . 
So when the Islamic State kills, does it look like it really cares about Islam?
Ask your four year old, what demented person says I'm the the representative of 1st grade school teachers and then proceeds to kill everyone in the school including the 1st grade teachers.
It is ridiculous, and defies all logic. 

These people are insane. Now, can we please stop being jackasses and stand together to fight this vermin? 

How about we sympathise with the victims of a brutal attack? 

So, they don't end up thinking that maybe ISIS is right, maybe all non-Muslims hate us, maybe it's US versus THEM.  Maybe they (us) are the enemy?
Very reluctant fundamentalists indeed.
                                    Ugh... How did you get an education, and still somehow kill your brain cells?

                                       I understand that Trump supporters are (forgive the word) retarded. They obviously are victims of a sad mental disease. The mad leading the mad.
The rest, however, make me want to weep for humanity.

Let us please come together, and fix this before it is too late, and we find ourselves, and our parents and our children in the throes of the third, and possibly, the last World War. We will have brought this upon ourselves with our inhumane attitudes, and our disrespect for the sanctity of life.

Please, please let us stand together and light a candle tonight for the souls that were forced to leave us today. 


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