Deafening Decibels

"If Muslims have the right to give Azaan, Non-Muslims have the right to sleep peacefully."  -  Saeed Khan. 
You have the right to your rights as long as it doesn't interfere with my right to have rights.  

India is a secular country. I'm a very tolerant agnostic person. I've nothing against anybody's religion. And I complain against loud Hindu festivities as well, so don't get on my nerves about anti Islam sentiments. Secular country. Everyone isn't a Muslim. It's your holy month, good for you. You are rich enough to buy loud speakers, good for you. You are devout and pious, extremely good for you. Just please leave me out of it.  
I don't keep well in this weather, and it leads to high pulse rate, blood pressure aided by dehydration. I don't want you screeching away 10 times a day. I've 3 mosques around my building, and sometimes when I'm already suffering from painful heart palpitations, I need you to do what Allah told you to and keep your worship and prayers private. Religion is a private thing, pllleeaasseeee don't yell your religion at me from freaking loudspeakers.
Maybe loudspeakers make sense in Islamic Republics where everyone is called for prayer. Why would you do it in India, to call 5 people out of 50 for prayer? Or, even 25 out of 50 for prayer? It doesn't make sense, and is a secular constitution, don't be jamming things down people's throat. It's the same thing Hindus do during Ganesh Chaturthi, and Diwali... I might be a heart patient, hypertension patient, delicately pregnant... Stop effing with people. The Hindus, Christians, Parsis don't want you blaring Arabic in our ears with freaking loudspeakers no less. I will never understand this loudspeaker nonsense, like literally nobody else uses them. The Muslims, Christians, Parsis don't want you screeching about Ganesh (and face it, it's bollywood songs that don't even have anything to do with Ganesh, or religion you morons). Anyway, right now I wish all the loudspeakers would mysteriously catch fire, and leave me and my damn heart and health in peace!


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