No NSG for Narendra

The Pokhran test was a bomb, I can tell you now.... An explosion is an explosion, a gun is a gun, whether you shoot at someone or shoot at the ground.... I just want to make clear that the test was not all that peaceful.
— Raja Ramanna 1997, giving interview to Press Trust of India in 1997
You didn't sign the NPT. You still haven't signed the NPT. You used Canadian civilian nuclear plutonium (given in good faith) to manufacture bombs of mass destruction. You were the reason NSG came into being in the first place.
Why, oh why do you think you are eligible to be included as a member of NSG. Sign the non proliferation treaty, and then we can think about it. Trust has to be earned.
I understand that China is being a pain because Indo-Chinese relations have always been strained, and they support your nemesis Pakistan. I don't think China is keeping you out for the right reasons. But intent apart, you need to be kept out. You are not yet to be trusted with something this horrifyingly destructive.
This is a democracy (a representative one that can be easily corrupted unfortunately) , but if you are blowing up bombs that are the same as the ones used to wipe out Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you better get a vote from all us citizens.
You didn't bother with even informing our representatives. It was sneaky and underhanded, and I, for one don't trust you, especially under the current regime of a solely 'economic growth', 'development' oriented, unscrupulous government. We can think about it under a different government.
It is tiring for us citizens to constantly protest your stupid legislating level ideas and actions. Bring it down, and have a conversation with your country.
Is this the barren, burnt country we
want to turn India into  ?
And explain this little thing to me, like an American captain said during WW2, " You are dead from the moment a nuclear weapon is just directed at you; there's no going back."
So if Pakistan, China or even the US decide to nuke our country, what are you going to do, activate our nuclear missiles against them within the 60 seconds before India in vaporised?
Bravo. Mutual Self Destruction. Why? You're dead, can't you forgive in your death, in your last minutes, do we have to stoop to their level?
What happened to turning the other cheek?? You are dead, make peace with it, forgive and move on (considering there is life after death) You want to erase another nation, the way yours was destroyed? You will be dead, revenge won't matter, you DO NOT need nuclear military weapons.
And after we are gone, do you really believe that the rest of the world will let the country that annihilated us carry on without any consequences? Of course not. We don't need to stoop. We will be avenged if that's what you are most concerned with.
Peaceful nuclear experiments? What have you been smoking? There is nothing peaceful about anything nuclear. And again, no we don't need it. Ours is an intelligent, educated country, spend your money and energy on developing natural alternative sources of power. You do not want to summon, and mess with the ugly demon of nuclear anything. Leave it to those who don't care, and try to be sensible and sensitive about this terrible step you wish to take.
India has literally never initiated any war, ever. It won't in the future either, I believe in my country. So you only need to be equipped for self defence, you DO NOT need to spend 1/3rd of your defense budget on nuclear research.
I'm glad China is stopping India from stabbing itself, even if it isn't for honorable reasons.
I can't call for everyone to impeach power hungry politicians, but please read up and educate yourself about nuclear energy, and we as a country need to make our feelings heard, and not let anything that slips out of the prime minister's mouth become law.
He had clean majority, the houses are useless, the opposition is at an all time low. So, let us please let Mr Modi know how we feel about this. And if he doesn't listen, " I bow to thee dear leader" , not a hyperbole.

Please do remember that Pokhran 1Nuclear test was conducted in such
secrecy that not more than 10  people in the country knew about it
Even, the then external affairs minister, Jag Jivan Road allegedly
did not know about it.
Nuclear experimentation is of such high importance that all the citizens, or
at least all our elected representatives should have not only been
informed,  but asked to cast their vote. 


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