The Sickening Second Amendment

"HOW DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS GET GUNS???", a friend asked.

The second amendment, and the gun loophole.

There are no background checks. Anyone can get them. You have a mental illness history, a violent history, a criminal background and you can still buy a gun.
The most recent bill in Congress about NRA and gun regulation was shut down. The gun ind
ustry fuels everything, it's one of the richest and most unscrupulous industries out there. 
Yes, people can get guns illegally. But it's more difficult and time taking and usually psychologically disturbed people don't have enough patience to go through it. 
And I can't believe I have to reveal something so personal to make people listen. 
My best friend used to be a cutter. Anything can serve as a sharp edge to cut yourself with, but the more easily accessible blades, knives are, the more cuts there would be. 
I'm so extremely tired of trying to tell people that guns don't kill on their own, but they are designed purely to kill, and no civilian has any business handling these mass murder arms. 
One or more families might be very responsible with their guns, but that's not a good enough safety to let all people have them... All of them aren't responsible. 
Almost ALL school shootings have been committed with legal guns; recently, even the Grimms shooter. 
We mutually agreed to be civilized and to have a state and law and order, and just because some people don't trust their state, or think their life is more important than the thousands of lives lost every year due to gun violence, makes the country one of the most dangerous places in the world. 
People have the shamelessness to talk about how violence and crime is higher in UK, India etc. And again education is needed... Violence may involve more stabbings or beatings or robbing or assault, but you can check any statistics you trust to see how few people die in other forms of assault. Guns kill. And one life is not more important than a 100.
One responsible person isn't good enough when there are 99 irresponsible ones. 
And the bill and the demand and the protest isn't even for completely banning guns, it's just to have stricter gun regulation, background checks and such. 
The responsible will still get to keep their goddamn guns. Nobody wants to take away their murder toys. 
But don't you think it's beyond ridiculous that people are protesting and rejecting a freaking background check, a strict check ( it's easier in the US, cause all your medical and criminal information is linked to your social security number) , and to not issue assault rifles that no civilian could possibly have a valid reason to ask to own. 
Strict training classes before issuance. 
The second amendment is literally the worst thing to have happened to USA. 

Start with columbine, sandy hook, ZimmermanOrlandoMichigan... It's upsetting even to sit down and recall or look up all these many, many incidents. 

You can ask your sources if you don't believe me  


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