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Identity Death in a Burqa AKA STFU Miss Roy

"Surely you don't support the burka" , I said to my friend who had shared this image. "The hijab is one thing, but to eliminate identity? And say what we will, how is the face not a part of our identity? If someone undergoes cosmetic surgery and takes on someone else's face, it is termed identity theft. 
Identity cards have our faces on them. "

If being naked is banned and condemned, surely we are within our rights to ban completely covering up in a shroud like garment that covers faces.

My friend looked at her post , and apologized for misreading 'Burka' as 'Hijab' , and reposting, and spreading this filth. 

Friend (Zoha): Taliban's regime surely morphed "the veil" , thus leaving us with different, some extreme and absurd, interpretations of observing hijab. Hijab have different cultural connotations along with the religious order( not all of these interpretations are right of course). People aren't but should be open to diffe…