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Raksha Siksha Bandhan (Old Festival Customs that Need to be Revised)

I love my brothers, but I don't feel comfortable falsely claiming I'm a weak woman, and today I'm going to tie this thread on your wrist as a token of my trust, and you are to promise to protect me from all the dangers, and downfalls, and disappointments in life.
No. I'm going to protect my own darn self, and you too if need be.
                       Moreover, you are my *younger* brother. Tell me who picked on you, and I'm going to beat the stuffing out of them. 
Hark now! My *baby* brother is going to protect me!!?? That's absurd.
And I've no interest in propagating this deeply sexist, and patriarchal *festival*. No.                 By all means, wear new, pretty clothes, eat yummy sweets, hang out with your sibling, play, have fun. But stop saying men are to protect women.
Any sibling of either sex can, will, and should protect the others/other one.
Raksha Bandhan has unfortunately, always been about propagating sexism,
 and unjust gender constructs. There'…