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My Girl

I don't have a lot of things in life that make me utterly and purely happy, that I love with a love that's more than love, that makes me forget my troubles, pains, the chemicals and electrical synapses in my brain, and that makes me exist entirely in the moment and just be happy. Happiness. And one of the the very few things/persons, is this little girl here. ❤️

I post pictures of Sanvee, my nephew, and other little babies who melt my heart, but they don't soothe my soul like she does. 

I just want her to be happy. I want to plan activities to surprise her. To make her laugh is a whole event to me in itself. I don't have the time, or concern to care about myself.
I don't even matter. She matters. And at some level, she understands the chaos that lies underneath the fun, supportive, loving sister-friend. She gets scared, but hugs me and doesn't let go till my rare crying in front of her stops. She's always there to help, to hold my hand when I'm tired. And …