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Destination Weddings

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to what I am going to talk about - Weddings. yes, it's that season again. For those of you who walked the cultural and 'traditional' route, and will have your parents pick your spouse, this isn't for you , you're gold, congratulations.

The rest of you my friends, gather around. I am  addressing the sane, romantic, modern 20-somethings (like a lot of people I know) who have chosen their respective life-partners without any filters of caste, community, language, religion, race. When you come from a certain cultural background and your fiance/fiancee comes from a radically different cultural background, how do you plan your wedding?

Yes, you have wrenched a reluctant blessing and a half-hearted go-ahead from mommy and daddy, uncleji and auntyji . That's great. Unity in diversity we stand for, and your contribution is well appreciated my friends. But it is after this step that the wedding woes start.
Neither family has complete…

Dear Modi Bhakts

I am sick and tired of Modi Bhakts going on, and on, and on about how our dear leader is beyond reproach because the Muslims did it first, Pakistan started it, the West is a jerk. Who says that Godhra is forgotten?  Where did these people get that idea from?  The only reason it isn't as relevant in today's news is because those people who committed it are not the Prime Minister of India today.  Nobody's forgotten anything.  It was an act of terror.  It was horrifying and terrible,  and is recognized as such. 
My Hindu uncle in the train didn't do anything.  But neither did my Muslim aunt in Ahmedabad.  And the man who let it happen is sitting in the PM's chair today,  and that is why we talk about it more than we do about Godhra.  It doesn't imply that anything has been forgotten or mis-remembered.  It's about the relevance in the present context.  
And I'll very politely ask you too look up how many fatwas have been issued against  terrorism,  acts of ma…

Free Speech , Free Press , My Foot !

* Context : ABVP harassment issues, police interference, and non-interference. *

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  How is anyone supposed to be political active in this godforsaken country where you get beaten up, raped, and killed by ruffians whenever you express yourself or criticize anything.

You are strongarmed into silence.  You can't even express yourself on a platform as dumb as Facebook without thugs showing up at your doorstep.

Our families live with us or are easily accessible,  we don't want to do anything to incur the wrath of these assholes cause they could go after one's family, and that's not a chance one can take. 
And people have the guts t…

Dear Protesters and Supporters : I Love You. XOXO

This is tearing me up and I know I've a weak enough mind to end up with PTSD from this.  I'm done.  Mr Donald Trump won on the face of it.  I dislike his policies. I am not qualified to judge his personal life. 
Rulers come and rulers go.  There's good and evil in equal amounts.  There's a yin for every yang. 
Obama was not an angel.  Trump is not the devil.  Both men have their strengths and their weaknesses. 
But, they are men,  and as long as we live under a patriarchy, women's rights will be under attack. It is a mere matter of degree.
This is all getting too personal. 
We survived the Bushes,  we survived Hitler,  We survived Mussolini, We survived Trujillo,  We survived Stalin, We survived the British rule,  We survived Batista and Castro.  We are surviving Modi, We are surviving ISIS, We are surviving Putin. 
We survived Hiroshima.
I know there are countless others that we survived and we are surviving.  Maybe it's the media, maybe it's the fe…


My dear, dear girls and women, 

If someone puts out nude pictures of you on the Internet, please know that it DOES NOT MATTER. Posed nudes, Selfie nudes.... It doesn't matter. It's your right to feel comfortable in your body, and if you in some moments decided to embrace your self-confidence and took pictures of yourself, it DOES NOT make you a slut. Please do not let anyone tell you any different. 

 Do not self-harm or even think about ending your life, cause I promise you'll look back at this one day and understand how silly and inconsequential it was.

 Seek help if you are feeling even slightly upset by these things, including bullying, cyber bullying and blackmail ; you will get help and everything will be okay. EVERYTHING IS OKAY AND WILL BE OKAY.
Please don't seek unjust permanent solutions to temporary and extremely immaterial issues. 

 xoxoxo. Love.

PS: You can reach out to me personally if you prefer.…

It Hurts

The first time it made it onto TV news was in 2001. I was 10.
Two women were at a New Year party-parade celebration near my house (Mumbai) , and they were groped, molested, and raped by several men, while the others in the crowd merely looked on and did nothing, not one finger was lifted to help for a long time. It was a big, breaking news story that new year.

A majority of ministers, news channels, and general public blamed the woman. She was wearing a short, tight, glittery, sleeveless black dress. I heard it being said a million times by a million people that she had brought it upon herself -- why was she out that late in the night, why was she dressed 'obscenely', 'accused' her of having a drink or two ; even went to the extent of saying that she almost deserved it for being a 'loose woman'. This was a warning to all the girls in the country, toe the line, or you will be brutally punished.

The faces of some of the rapists were caught on camera, others' we…