My dear, dear girls and women, 

If someone puts out nude pictures of you on the Internet, please know that it DOES NOT MATTER. Posed nudes, Selfie nudes.... It doesn't matter. It's your right to feel comfortable in your body, and if you in some moments decided to embrace your self-confidence and took pictures of yourself, it DOES NOT make you a slut. Please do not let anyone tell you any different. 

 Do not self-harm or even think about ending your life, cause I promise you'll look back at this one day and understand how silly and inconsequential it was.

 Seek help if you are feeling even slightly upset by these things, including bullying, cyber bullying and blackmail ; you will get help and everything will be okay. EVERYTHING IS OKAY AND WILL BE OKAY.
Please don't seek unjust permanent solutions to temporary and extremely immaterial issues. 

 xoxoxo. Love.

PS: You can reach out to me personally if you prefer.


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