Dear Protesters and Supporters : I Love You. XOXO

This is tearing me up and I know I've a weak enough mind to end up with PTSD from this.  I'm done.  Mr Donald Trump won on the face of it.  I dislike his policies. I am not qualified to judge his personal life. 
Rulers come and rulers go.  There's good and evil in equal amounts.  There's a yin for every yang. 
Obama was not an angel.  Trump is not the devil.  Both men have their strengths and their weaknesses. 
But, they are men,  and as long as we live under a patriarchy, women's rights will be under attack. It is a mere matter of degree.
This is all getting too personal. 
We survived the Bushes,  we survived Hitler,  We survived Mussolini, We survived Trujillo,  We survived Stalin, We survived the British rule,  We survived Batista and Castro.  We are surviving Modi, We are surviving ISIS, We are surviving Putin. 
We survived Hiroshima.
I know there are countless others that we survived and we are surviving. 

Maybe it's the media, maybe it's the fear mongering, maybe it's propaganda, but I find myself scared right now, scared of Trump, of ISIS, of Burkas,  of Modi. And I'm ashamed of myself.

I will not have my rights violated.  I will not have the rights, of the people I love, violated. 
But I'm not going to hate anymore. 
I don't hate Trump, Modi, Putin. I don't hate anyone.  I need peace.  I need to create peace within myself before I can wish for peace in the world around me. 

The world is a big place.  If America won't have me, India won't have me,  perhaps South Africa will, or Tibet will. 

I am done with hate and anger.  We will survive it all, as we the people always have. 

My love to everyone one out there, the supporters and the protesters.  Hugs.  We need them.  Lots and lots of hugs.


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