Free Speech , Free Press , My Foot !

* Context : ABVP harassment issues, police interference, and non-interference. *

This is EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  How is anyone supposed to be political active in this godforsaken country where you get beaten up, raped, and killed by ruffians whenever you express yourself or criticize anything.

You are strongarmed into silence.  You can't even express yourself on a platform as dumb as Facebook without thugs showing up at your doorstep. 

Our families live with us or are easily accessible,  we don't want to do anything to incur the wrath of these assholes cause they could go after one's family, and that's not a chance one can take. 
And people have the guts to talk rot about patriotism, and why Indians are concerned with American politics, and not Indian politics. This is why.  It's dangerous. 
Freedom of speech and press, and protection of this right has gone to hell.  It went to hell a long time back. 

Those 'Volunteer in Syria/Afghanistan/Somalia' careers are looking very good right about now.  At least you go in knowing you're in grave danger, and can hope to help a few people before getting shot in the head.

That being said -  And this is why I was with SFI in college.  ABVP has been a conservative bully since day one.  DSU didn't have a stronghold in my university so I can't speak for them, but we live in a democracy.  We decided we wanted to be a democracy after the British left. We have freedom of speech, and speaking out against the stupid government that you disagree with is NOT an act of sedition!  My God people are insane.
And what the hell happened to peaceful protesting?!  I thought we were Gandhi land. 
Post graduate universities that can't tell the difference between a country and its government.  'Anti - India'  ?  Or 'Anti - Indian Government ' ?

---- Vijaya Komaragiri


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