Destination Weddings

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to what I am going to talk about - Weddings. yes, it's that season again. For those of you who walked the cultural and 'traditional' route, and will have your parents pick your spouse, this isn't for you , you're gold, congratulations.

The rest of you my friends, gather around. I am  addressing the sane, romantic, modern 20-somethings (like a lot of people I know) who have chosen their respective life-partners without any filters of caste, community, language, religion, race. When you come from a certain cultural background and your fiance/fiancee comes from a radically different cultural background, how do you plan your wedding?

Yes, you have wrenched a reluctant blessing and a half-hearted go-ahead from mommy and daddy, uncleji and auntyji . That's great. Unity in diversity we stand for, and your contribution is well appreciated my friends. But it is after this step that the wedding woes start.
Neither family has completely accepted your girlfriend/ boyfriend, they are certainly not going to embrace their alien family with open hearts. All your mausijis , masajis, buajis are whispering behind your back, and there's a section of your lovely khandan that's planning on teaching you and your parents a lesson by boycotting the whole ceremony. Trust me, they will throw a chainsaw into the wheel, and ruin the most happy occasion of your life, the best day of your life.
You are tense, you partner is anxious. The stress spills out , and before you know it you are screaming at each other, over a late night phone call and run crying to re-evaluate your whole relationship. All because of a few bull headed, conservative party-poopers, who aren't even a part of your daily life.
So, what do can you do to avoid all this hassle? Ditch the drama and pick a destination wedding.
A neutral ground, where neither family has an upper hand, a beautiful locale that fulfills your fairy-tale wedding dreams, and a vacation for all the crabby relatives you don't even want to talk to. They'll be too busy exploring and sight-seeing to spout venom all over you happy coupling.
Ta-da! The perfect solution.

Now, I realize that the word 'Destination Wedding' strikes fear in the common man's heart. It's for the rich and the privileged is a common misconception. A wedding is so expensive and such hard work even in one's hometown. The very thought of shifting the whole affair to a strange city where you don't even know where to buy a pound of sugar is daunting. But that is exactly what I want to help you with.
In today's world, destination weddings are simpler than hometown weddings. For one thing, no crazy relatives breathing down your neck, and flinging abuses down your front door. If that's not a compelling reason, take a look at some of the other perks --


1. Beautiful, scenic locales  -- You'll feel like a princess/prince

2. Dazzling wedding pictures.

3. Wedding cum Honeymoon -- You're saving money!

4. No awkward meetings between relatives -- Neutral ground ( no host, no guest)

5. A vacation for your valued and un-valued guests -- Your wedding will not be forgotten in a hurry.

6. Order the arrangements you want and blame the resort.

7. You can mix and match, pick and choose the rituals and ceremonies from both cultures, and have the perfect fusion wedding. Nobody's offended cause it's nobody's home-front, so no imagined insults to offend.

8. The partner of the lower caste will not be looked down upon, sneered at or ill-treated by the so called elite caste side relatives ( Let's face it, it happens all the time), cause by locating it in a neutral place, you've broken the superior-inferior, insider-outsider barrier. Everyone is on the same footing.

9. If a lot of people don't show up, you won't feel like your wedding party was a flop, cause you'll be too busy having fun with your beautiful bride/handsome groom, friends and, the lovely positive people in your life, in a beautiful  city.

10. A lot of your vicious relatives won't take the trouble of travelling to a distant place , so you are well rid of them, while at the same time you haven't offended them, cause hey you invited them, they didn't come!

Now, coming to the cost facet. There are loads of undiscovered beautiful places in India, that are picture perfect, and super-economic. If you are religious, you can have a gorgeous wedding in a quaint temple town.
Let me offer you some examples:

1. Pachmari (Madhya Pradesh)
2. Alibaug ( Maharashtra)
3. Kumarakom (Kerala)
4. Alleppey (Kerala)
5. Benaras
6.Lavasa (Maharashtra)

Some lovely temple towns to give an ethnic touch to your wedding :

1. Tirupati ( Andhra Pradesh)
2. Tanjore (Tamil Nadu)
3. Trivandrum, Padmanabhaswamy Temple (Kerala)
4. Bhadrachalam (Andhra Pradesh)
5. Puri (Odisha)
6. Haridwar.

In the next installment of this article, I'll elaborate the destination towns in detail. Keep watching this space for more info. Here's to great weddings. Cheers.


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