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WTF Padmaavat

While I am for freedom of expression (obviously) , and freedom of art, and against idiots trying to censor things for caste, class reasons, and other nonsense:-I do not and can not support the movie Padmaavat. It baffles me that amongst all this idiocy, nobody is paying attention to the fact that this ridiculous movie GLORIFIES 'SATI' (wives burning themselves alive on the pyres of their dead husbands ;usually forced into it). It was one of the most horrifying, oppressive, sexist practices in Indian history.Maybe this was the plan all along? Create a lot of senseless chaos, so people forget that the whole movie is about glorifying this horrible, horrifying practice. And this movie will be shown in tiny villages where it could revive this evil. And people would go- Rani Padmini (oh what a great queen) did it, we should too. Deepika Padukone endorses it, it can't be bad.Wtf is wrong with people?
We can make these movies when we've achieved a 100% education rate in the co…